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Frankenstein Created Woman (1967)

Frankenstein Created Woman (1967) Posted by on Oct 19, 2016

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Trog (1970)

Trog (1970) Posted by on Apr 10, 2017

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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1932)

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1932) Posted by on Sep 13, 2017

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Morlock from The Time Machine (1960)

Morlock from The Time Machine (1960) Posted by on Mar 29, 2017

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Lon Chaney Tribute

Lon Chaney Tribute Posted by on Aug 11, 2017

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Aurora Frankenstein Tribute

Aurora Frankenstein Tribute Posted by on Aug 11, 2017

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The Omega Man (1971)

Mar 29, 17 The Omega Man (1971)

Posted by in Science Fiction

Charlton Heston has had few roles in the SF field but they have had impact, such as in The Planet of the Apes. In The Omega Man, Heston is, as the last man on Earth, a vampire hunter. The vampire body count is high as Heston dispenses his form of justice. This diorama by Jeff Yagher was made by the good guys at Monster in Motion....

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Hellspite from The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh (1964)

Mar 29, 17 Hellspite from The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh (1964)

Posted by in Rare & Unusual

Anyone with the name of “Hellspite” just gets your attention. This character is one of the triumvirate from “The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh”, the Disney film. The other two characters are the Scarecrow and Curlew. Nothing special about this build-up which was straightforward. The mask the character wore had...

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The Gorn (Star Trek, 1967)

Mar 29, 17 The Gorn (Star Trek, 1967)

Posted by in Rare & Unusual

During the first season of the original Star Trek series the sixth episode was titled, “Arena”, in which Captain Kirk was placed in a duel-to-the-death combat with a Gorn, a lizard like creature. Through intelligence, wit, and some luck Kirk was able to best the Gorn but, in the end, was unable to kill his...

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The Brain Thief (Frankenstein, 1931)

Mar 29, 17 The Brain Thief (Frankenstein, 1931)

Posted by in Universal

The key moment in the Universal Frankenstein franchise is when poor Fritz unknowingly dropped the normal brain and instead took the abnormal brain (“Abbie Normal” sez Eye-Gore in “Young Frankenstein”) which was used for the monster. This diorama from the amazing folks at Resin Crypt effectively captures this...

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Escape From The Planet of The Apes (1971)

Mar 29, 17 Escape From The Planet of The Apes (1971)

Posted by in Science Fiction

The opening sequence to Escape from the Planet of the Apes was quite a surprise the first time I saw this at the theater. This diorama effectively captures this moment in the film when the three ‘ape-o-nauts’ arrived on the sandy beach. The overall paint scheme was straight forward. Since the ape-o-nauts were on a beach...

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The Bride and Groom (1935)

Mar 29, 17 The Bride and Groom (1935)

Posted by in Universal

The Bride & Groom is from the kind folks at KitKong Model Mansion. The Groom wants the affections of his Bride and she recoils in fear at the thought. Since the Bride was made she was not exposed to sunlight so she has a light skin tone. For the monster, his undercoat is flesh with the Frankenflesh color layered over leaving...

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The Howling (1981)

Oct 19, 16 The Howling (1981)

Posted by in Modern Classics

One of the more interesting werewolf films is the Howling. Especially the human to werewolf transformations that were done all on-camera. Impressive. And we finally have a version of the main werewolf. Though the paint scheme and assembly were straightforward the figure is very top heavy since it is solid resin. Extra brass rod...

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Frankenstein Created Woman (1967)

Oct 19, 16 Frankenstein Created Woman (1967)

Posted by in Hammer

For the most part Peter Cushing is poorly represented in the model industry primarily because he did not play any real monsters but, rather, played those who made the monsters. This is why it is enjoyable to add a model of Cushing to the collection. So, where did that skull come...

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