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Witchfinder General (1968)

Witchfinder General (1968) Posted by on Jan 14, 2019

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The Valley of Gwangi (1969)

The Valley of Gwangi (1969) Posted by on Jul 8, 2019

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Hunchback’s Bell-Air

Hunchback’s Bell-Air Posted by on Dec 23, 2019

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The Mole People (1956)

The Mole People (1956) Posted by on Aug 1, 2019

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The Cat & The Canary (1927)

The Cat & The Canary (1927) Posted by on Oct 19, 2018

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Formula For Life Diorama

Formula For Life Diorama Posted by on Jan 11, 2020

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Return of the Fly (1959)

Aug 11, 17 Return of the Fly (1959)

Posted by in Rare & Unusual

This version of the Return of the Fly was made by the masters at Monsters in Motion. For his head “hairs” I used surgical thread (a little thicker than normal thread) and placed them individually on his head. I used short length of wire, also individually drilled and inserted, around his eyes. This means I drilled many,...

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Aurora Frankenstein Tribute

Aug 11, 17 Aurora Frankenstein Tribute

Posted by in Universal

The kind folks at Monsters in Motion have been developing a series of 1/6th scale resin figures that match the box cover art of the original Aurora “long boxes” released back in the early 1960s. This version of the Frankenstein box art by James Bama is masterfully done by Jeff Yagher. A straightforward build with the...

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Lon Chaney Tribute

Aug 11, 17 Lon Chaney Tribute

Posted by in Silents

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Trog (1970)

Apr 10, 17 Trog (1970)

Posted by in Harryhausen

To many of us the name, Ray Harryhausen, brings many fond memories. Even later in his career with such films as Sindbad and the Eye of the Tiger Harryhausen can still capture that magic with his stop motion creations. The creature of the Troglodyte from that film is effectively captured here by the gang at Monsters in Motion. This...

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Lon Chaney as The Wolf Man (1941)

Mar 29, 17 Lon Chaney as The Wolf Man (1941)

Posted by in Universal

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John Carpenter’s The Thing (1982)

Mar 29, 17 John Carpenter’s The Thing (1982)

Posted by in Modern Classics, Universal

John Carpenter’s film, The Thing, set a new standard for special effects in a film, all due to the amazing talents of Rob Bottin. Courtesy of Monsters in Motion is this 1/8th scale diorama of MacReady with his trusty flame thrower ready for action against the spider-head Thing. Just don’t ignite the fuse on that pack of...

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Morlock from The Time Machine (1960)

Mar 29, 17 Morlock from The Time Machine (1960)

Posted by in Science Fiction

The Morlock, from the 1960 George Pal film, The Time Machine, is one of the iconic figures many recognize. This version came courtesy of the fine folks at Monsters in Motion. A careful examination of the Morlocks in the film shows their skin to be flesh with various shades of blue and a hint of green over their natural skin color....

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The Omega Man (1971)

Mar 29, 17 The Omega Man (1971)

Posted by in Science Fiction

Charlton Heston has had few roles in the SF field but they have had impact, such as in The Planet of the Apes. In The Omega Man, Heston is, as the last man on Earth, a vampire hunter. The vampire body count is high as Heston dispenses his form of justice. This diorama by Jeff Yagher was made by the good guys at Monster in Motion....

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