Oxygen Destroyer from Godzilla (1954)

Jan 20, 16 Oxygen Destroyer from Godzilla (1954)

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Everyone loves Godzilla and just about every image of the Big G has been captured in dimensional form. In the original 1954 film Godzilla is destroyed by a seemingly simple device that destroys oxygen, thereby killing Godzilla. The inventor of the oxygen destroyer, Dr. Serizawa, commits suicide while deploying the device. This...

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Godzilla vs. King Kong (1962)

Aug 11, 62 Godzilla vs. King Kong (1962)

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This is my Godzilla diorama, based on a scene from the 1962 film, Godzilla versus King King. The Godzilla figure is from Billiken and the electrical towers are from Walthers. The rest of the various pieces for the diorama were obtained from many sources. Kitmaker: Billiken (Godzilla) Kitmaker: Walthers (electrical towers) From...

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